The Blood Empress (Novella)

Set between Book 2 and Book 3 of the Star Saga.
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a woman with long hair wearing a red headdress and an orange bandana
Another haunted desert warrior inspiration for Nykostra.
a book cover for the blood empresss by ken mcconneli, with an image of a rocket launching into space
Early cover idea with single seat KiV fighter.
a drawing of a woman wearing a headdress
Helmet was inspirational for the one Nykostra wears.
a model of a star wars vehicle sitting on top of a wooden table
Warship model under construction.
a wooden model of a star trek ship on a blue surface with metal legs and feet
Votainion warship model against the blue screen used to photograph it for book covers.
a man standing next to a wooden model of a star wars ship on top of a table
Photographing the Votainion warship for another book cover. This is what Nykostra's warship looks like in The Blood Empress.
a model airplane is on display in front of a white wall and blue vase with two pencils sticking out of it
Photo shoot for the model that appears on the actual book cover.
some tools are laying out on a table
KiV-4 model used for the book cover.
a wooden object is flying in the air with a blue background and no one around it
the book cover for the blood empresss by ken mcconnell, with an airplane
The final cover art by my brother, Byron McConnell.
the blood empression by ken mcconnielli is shown in this book cover
Another cover idea. Was not able to contact the artist, so couldn't use the image.
a digital painting of a woman's face
I like the troubled look on this girl's face. Could be Nykostra, could be one of her handmaidens.
a man with long white hair and piercings on his face is staring into the distance
Except for the long ears, this could be a Soothsayer or Gray.
three drawings of airplanes on lined paper
The only drawings I made of a Votainion warship from this era. It was made into a model in 2014 for another book cover.