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A Florida man was browsing real estate listings this week when he noticed something strange in one of the listing photos. He posted the odd image of the foreclosed home on Reddit yesterday.

Ghostly figure found on real estate listing photo

Ghost researcher David J. Pitkin offers information compiled from over 1,500 interviews with individuals who apparently encountered ghosts, apparitions and poltergeists.

Dalhousie Castle - near Edinburgh, Scotland. The hubby and I spent several luxurious nights in this place... wonderful spa, amazing meals and the rooms are fabulously decorated - each with it's own theme. The place is also supposedly haunted by several ghosts (I think we may have had an encounter with one in our room!)

Free Streaming Video Celebrity Ghost Stories Season 4 Episode 7 (Full Video) Celebrity Ghost Stories Season 4 Episode 7 - Tiffany, Tony Plana, Morgan Brittany Summary: Tiffany recalls an encounter she had with an evil spirit; Tony Plana has a run-in with a cannibalistic entity; and Morgan Brittany is pestered by the ghost of a young actress.

Sharon Davies takes a look at the UK release of The Vicious Brothers' found footage ghost tale, "Grave Encounters". The film stars Sean Rogerson, juan Riedinger, Ashleigh Gryzko, Mackenzie Gray, and Merwin Mondesir.

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Earlier today we tried to retrace the route we took during our 'Night of the Living Ram' horror drive a few weeks back, but were thwarted half way through by this appropriately creepy 'Stop' sign. Now we'll never know if that eerie tunnel in the middle of nowhere, in which we encountered the ghost headlights, is actually there! Read the 'Highway to Hell' story here >>>

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Approximately 50 Ghost Hunters Witnessed Irma Slage’s Paranormal Encounter at The Old Spaghetti Factory - International Business Times

Cabra Castle is on our Haunted Castles Tour and while some of our photos appeared red and blurry, we didn't encounter any ghosts -- perhaps because we were calling for them after too many Guinness.

Queen Mary in the New York harbor, 1945. The ship is now a hotel and gets more than one million visitors annually. Many get more than they bargained for when they encounter ghosts on board. One psychic says there are as many as 600 spirits roaming the ship!

River Ghost tours at Stranahan House on Sunday evenings at 7:30pm. Hour long tour includes a visit inside the Stranahan House and a boat ride on the New River. You will be fascinated by the tales of the spirits. You, too, may encounter spirits along the river.

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HOTEL PROVINCIAL once a Confederate hospital, and is reportedly still home to many a soldier ghost. Building #5 is reputed to be the most haunted, and over the years, guests have reported everything from ghostly apparition sightings to actual physical encounters that even include moaning sounds and mysterious blood stains that appear and disappear on their own.

On our Ghosts and Gravestones Tour you will encounter everything from haunted cemeteries to murder and mayhem to "Robert the doll". This possessed doll is located in the East Martello Fort and is Key West's most cursed resident. Our tour will pass along the Marrero House, the Porter Mansion, and we'll even get to visit the hanging tree along with many other stops. If creepy and spooky are your thing, then you have to join us in America's 4th most haunted city on our Ghosts and Gravestones Tour.

The Bates Motel in Glen Mills Pennsylvania - While touring through the haunted house inspired by Psycho, visitors can expect to encounter some scary creatures. The attraction also includes a haunted hayride and a corn maze during the Halloween season. www.greaterphilad... #haunted #hauntedhouse #ghoul #ghost #spooky #halloween

Grave Encounters is the name of the film. It just showed at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and has been released in Italy. You can see it now on your OnDemand...just go to Movies > Indie\Int'l > Tribeca and you will see the HD version for about $6. If you like watching paranormal/ghost hunting TV shows this IS the movie for you! Don't watch it alone... @graveencounters

Utagawa Yoshikazu, Minamoto no Yoshitsune Encounters the Ghost of Taira no Tomomori, 1848-51

Jennie Wade Ghost Tours - Hear tales of ghostly encounters with soldiers and civilians on a 90 minute, five block walk through the south side of town. For the last half of the tour, travel inside one of the most haunted houses in the country, the Jennie Wade House, where the only civilian casualty during the battle at Gettysburg caused an ill-fated legacy of hauntings.

»Ghost«, 2010 (Seventy books form this archive of evidences of paranormal encounters gathered and registered by Darren Mann, head of the Paranormal Database UK. The sources include people´s descriptions, historic accounts and hearsay. The books contain around 10.000 records from all areas of the UK. The descriptions include poltergeists, dwarfs, headless knights on horses, lonesome ships, etc.) by Daniel Gustav Cramer.

The Ray House was a battlefield hospital during the Civil War. Many local residents have reportedly had encounters with ghosts of soldiers around the house

Article: Native American Ghosts: Stonecutter and the Anthropologist - Yahoo! Voices - - Had to include this encounter an anthropologist had with a ghost his Native informants warned him about... I believe most in the NAS or museum interpretation fields might appreciate this story.

The ghost of Duke Barradin is the first big enemy you encounter upon entering Guild Wars 2 as a charr. You'll meet him at level one.

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Promont House is a Victorian mansion circa 1865 and the former home of John M. Pattison, Ohio's 43rd Governor. It is currently owned and operated by The Greater Milford Area Historical Society. Wonderful place to step back in history and you might even encounter a ghost or two?

A great place to have some boo-berry pie and encounter ghosts #examinercom

Ghosts are not always what they seem - When someone believes they've experienced the paranormal have they really encountered a ghost ? UFO and paranormal researcher Malcolm Robinson isn't content with taking paranormal experiences at face value. In a recent interview he discusses two alternative theories for ghosts and hauntings - hypnogagia/sleep paralysis and the "stone tape theory". In my last article I mentioned that ghosts and not as cut and dried and plain and simple as you mi...

This amazing Russian USO Documentary (GHOST SUBMARINES) was aired on the REN TV in 2006. It is about the strange encounters of the Russian nuclear submarines with the Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) and UFOs in the oceans etc.

This amazing Russian USO Documentary (GHOST SUBMARINES) was aired on the REN TV in 2006. It is about the strange encounters of the Russian nuclear submarines with the Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) and UFOs in the oceans etc.