Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings
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I love him way to much it hurtz

thefairiegirl: “Tears, tears, a true case of the feels.

Veronica Lodge— Riverdale

Veronica Lodge— Riverdale》 crazy relationship, don't you think? I belive they could be best friends, honestly

Meloe ♥

I got: "Jughead Jones"! The CW: Which one of the boys from "Riverdale" do you belong with?

Cole Sprouse

:: zander :: i hold louise in my arms as i gently rock her. she was crying loudly. i tried calming her down but she just wouldn't be quiet. i was still getting used to the whole being a parent thing.

Now she definitely Love's Jughead

Now she definitely Love's Jughead<<she is in love with him and I swear to god if Archie breaks them up I'm gonna lose my mind he better not freakin take away from my ships happiness Archie keep your ginger self in check