Whoever started this is a genius, and DEFINITELY deserves a medal

Can You Tie A Knot? (Classic)

Can You Tie A Knot? (Classic)<~ the owl can fricking fly why doesn't he just go up and knot the rope

Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons- :D This is going to go into my Merricup crossover-- just replacing Jack and Punzie, 'cause as much as I love RotBTD, that's not the story I'm writing.

Two wonderful kinds of people in this world.

I lost it at the later comment. This is how Disney Magic is made. Not just by the people who work there. But by people who come to Disney land/world and believe in magic.

All of these are so funny! If you are a true Disney fan then you will be literally crying when you finish reading this XD

when i was a lad i ate 4 dozen eggs. now that i'm grown i eat 5 dozen

Vanessa Meme by RosyInk on DeviantArt I'm sorry this is so accurate to me right now!