Recruit Survival Tip If you have been recruited to S., then you have passed the mandatory swimming test already. Pretending to drown while Avengers are present so as to be rescued by Captain Rogers is strongly.

Recruit Survival Tip Pranking Tony Stark with fake explosions is not funny; it’s just cruel. We will not stop his teammates from coming after you. Remember they are called the ‘Avengers’ for a reason. [Submitted by fangirlandproudofit]

I love the Avengers and this is pretty funny if you read through them all S. Recruit Survival Tip Do not volunteer for any tests Tony Stark recommends.

Recruit Survival Tip Never record over or delete a saved episode of Supernanny if you want to avoid being tazed or worse.

Recruit Survival Tip Calling the god of thunder ‘Goldilocks’ is not recommended, no matter what certain others might say. [Submitted by KertariWhitepaw]

Recruit Survival Tip If at any point you find yourself thinking ‘Coulson won’t find out’, promptly turn in your letter of resignation. The same goes for Director Fury and Deputy Director Hill.

Recruit Survival Tip you assist Agent Barton in stashing Nerf bullets, don’t expect sympathy when he uses them on you.

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Recruit Survival Tip Asking members of the Avengers to autograph memorabilia, photos, or personal items is acceptable. Asking members of the Avengers to autograph body parts or.

Recruit Survival Tip It is not wise to hug Loki. No matter how cute you somehow think he is being, we strongly advise against it. > Aww, but Loki needs hugs!I will always hug loki

Recruit Survival Tip It is not a good idea to ask Agent Hill to accompany you to the mall today or any day. [Submitted by morganaajones]

Recruit Survival Tip Taking the Helicarrier for a joy ride is strictly off-limits and will result in your immediate dismissal. You would also be responsible for paying for any damages to the aircraft and/or the unfortunate.

Recruit Survival Tip diligent as it might seem, attempting to emulate Agent Coulson’s sleep schedule would probably prove hazardous to your health.