Love the photo and I wanna do it! Lol I've always imagined moving in with my husband and painting our house together then painting up the back of his head with a roller and starting a war. Then of course we'd end up kissing and having wild sex lol


Graduate College I feel that every person should have the opportunity to go to college (whether it be a Uni, a vocational school, etc.) and should take that opportunity head-on. As a future teacher, it's no wonder I'm such a supporter for education ;)


from Africa (: a multi-racial family is a family spreading the idea of equality. differences of skin color, race, and background do not matter within a family, all that matters is love.

Take something imaginary and make it real. Take something small and make it big. Take something ugly and make it beautiful. Take something weak and make it strong. Take something good and make it...

Only positive reasons... my may have been for making mistakes and learning from them. My will be for enjoying life and giving people a positive reason to remember me!