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a bike parked next to a bench on top of a snow covered field with trees in the background
a large sign advertising an organic farm
an old wooden building sitting on top of a lush green hillside
a red and white tractor parked on top of a grass covered field
a bike parked next to a stone wall in the grass with headstones behind it
Beaded Bracelets
an old window on the side of a red building that says allis - chamer's ave
an old stone bridge that has been built into the ground
an old white church with three windows and a steeple
an old barn with hay bales in the foreground
an old tombstone in the snow with writing on it
an old red truck with some barbed wire on it's front grill and two lights
a plaque on the side of a stone wall that reads, jack and bayers
an old man in the back seat of a truck with a cow