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Oh, my, how much I feel like this girl sometimes, haha

lol yup

I will never pay for a gym membership. All you need is running and pushups! Free!

All the insanity of modern car culture, in one image


Bless your heart... You don't realize you are batshit crazy do you?

True that!

Lauren Rose-Glasco

Lol Lauren Rose-Glasco



.... Except Ariel. BAHAHAHA it's true


Sometimes I think I'm crazy then I read the text messages from my ex and feel better.

If raging psycho was what you were going for... Nailed it!

When they all said you were crazy...I corrected them and said you were bat-shit crazy.

Sorry your new girlfriend turned out to be 100 times more crazy than you accused me of being. Suddenly I'm not so bad am I? Hahah oh how perfect.

Well, you just earned yourself a crazy card. Laminated with a gold star and everything.

the worst

Funniest ANIMAL Vine Videos

One of my favorite episodes :)

If Disney princesses used Instagram, this is what theyd post.

Meanwhile at the U.S.A./Mexican border…

Couldn't have described it better myself

Wife gets Drunk and tells a Tortilla Joke. Husband Records and Animates it.