Free People Inspired Moon Phases Mobile - Hey! Morningstar

Free People Inspired Moon Phases Mobile - Hey! Morningstar

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#UOONYOU - Urban Outfitters

Doing this! Way too cool.

Vacation Memory Photo Map | Do-It-Yourself Fun Ideas

Gold Pineapple Jars & Ice Buckets.

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There is nothing more soothing than a bedroom draped in white and sea foam green.

This Home Makeover is a Must See! - StyleBlueprint

Remodel your bathroom with these stylish budget-friendly ideas. Give your bathroom a new and improved look with these simple upgrades you can do in your home.

You Won't Believe How Little This Bath Remodel Cost

Ombre seafoam pallette (via )

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Magical Thinking Bohemian Platform Bed - Urban Outfitters

I love this. I love how fluffy it all seems, how light and airy it is, everything! I am just so scared about that much white!! I don't know I'd be able to keep it clean!

17 Ways To Make Your Bed The Coziest Place On Earth

walls of shelves - Google Search

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eye mirror + wall art


Playful Display Have fun with shapes and angles when you group shelves of different sizes into a pretty, 3D wall collage.

9 Different Ways to Style Floating Shelves

such a romantic space. nook, turquoise and cream,

such a romantic space, how cozy comfy is this?

Hair dryer, straightener, curling iron holder.

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Polder Style Station! Can be stored in a drawer or cabinet, or mounted to the wall! Holds your blow drier, straightener, and curling iron. Even holds them hot!

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Who doesn't love a little white elephant?

17" Elephant Figurine, White

Working on this now...I hope my valentine will enjoy it. He is nostalgic...but I've been leading him to believe he's getting a "cook-pot" for our camping trip. (HAHAHA.) So fun to go through old pictures and scan them in for this!! I still love my valentine.

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loving the colors

Teal Nursery « Spearmint Baby

Seafoam and peach for M & G? Add some yellow and pink.

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How did I not know this existed? Renter's Wallpaper! Temporary wallpaper you can easily remove when you move. or change a bedroom!

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8x10-in Mother Teresa Quote Illustration Print. $25.00, via Etsy.

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Modge podge newpaper to canvas. Stick on letters. Paint over. Peel off letters.

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