Mackenzie Mann

Mackenzie Mann

Everyone has happiness, confidence and love but some people need just a little more of all those things to feel a sense of belonging..:*
Mackenzie Mann
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Good to know...Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake that looks like the same texture as store bought.

No more Great American Cookie Company Cakes Needed.THE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake Recipe ! Note: Also has additional "cookie cake" recipes at the end like oatmeal raisin, funfetti cake batter, triple chocolate, etc.

Hydrangea bouquets.... Full, cheap, big impact.

"For bridesmaids, consider bouquets of hydrangea. This big flower will pack a lot of "OOMF" with just a few stems." Idea: colored bridesmaids dresses with white bouquets, white wedding dress with colored bouquet, bam!

Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn't care about losing you.

Never Lose Yourself While Trying To Hold On To Someone Who Doesn't Care About Losing You. For those victims of Narcissists "who doesn't care about losing you" and places you on the back burner of disrespect.

blue hair color

Dye your hair to medium blue hair color - temporarily use medium blue hair dye to achieve brilliant results! DIY your hair medium blue with blue hair chalk

10 Simple Choices by picklee #Healthy_Eating

This pin relates to healthy alternatives because it shows you can still eat certain foods but with different ingredients 10 simple healthy food substitutions. Minus the mashed potatoes I do all of these. Gotta get Eizai on more nutritious food!