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Orange kittens

"In my world, the grass is green, the sky is blue and all cats are orange." --Jim Davis ("Garfield") My mom would love a bunch of orange kittens

If this ain't the cutest little thing ... rocking that 'stache!!

A mustache! a mustache!the word mustache! a mustache! a mustache!now we both have said mustache!


The ones I bred and had for pets had blue, blue eyes. Paw Paw (the stud) had green eyes as seen in this photo. Nothing like a Bengal. Loves people, other children, babies and older people. They are so loving.

Meet the tiny Jack Russell Chihuahua-cross puppy whose face is the size of a 50p piece

Tiny Jack Russell Chihuahua mix - It's so tiny! I want this puppy so much. It is so adorable oh my goodness. I really want this puppy