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Great extension task for high achievers.

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Properties- 1 of 2

Math / Algebra - Tree Map: Properties (1 of 2)

The Game that is Worth 1,000 Worksheets

The Game That Is Worth 1,000 Worksheets

Week 1 English Grammar: Parts of Speech Tree. Cool. @Kelley Oberg Smith Oberg Smith Davis

Parts of Speech Tree.jpg - Google Docs

More math ideas. I am not a math person, so I need all the ideas that I can find.

F is for First Grade: Equation Anchor Chart

Diagram with yarn & flashcards

Workshop Wednesday: Grammar with Giggles, Mad Libs Style — Guilt-Free Homeschooling

Multiplication War - after multiplying, player with larger quotient collect both dominoes---or do with addition, or make two digit numbers

Fun Games 4 Learning: Domino Math Games

How to Teach Students Note Taking Skills

How to Teach Students Note Taking Skills


Reading This Is So Satisfying

This fun game can be used to help children revise mental math facts, times tables and simple mathematical equations.

Math Games for Kids: Uno Flip | Childhood101

Roll the die and create Essentials sentences based on purpose, pattern and structure.

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101 Days of Homeschooling: Day 33 / 103 - IEW Sentence Openers

101 Days of Homeschooling: Day 33 / 103 - IEW Sentence Openers

headbanz fun in Essentials!

Vocab-banz | Antiquated Notions

Essentials, Mrs. Hinson - tutor blog - 3 years worth #CC #homeschool

Essentials, Mrs. Hinson

By Zombies...passive voice always has an agent, whether it's actually in the sentence or understood. In English, it's usually expressed as a prepositional phrase beginning with "by..."

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Can you make it? A simple math activity to challenge students and make them think! The kids love it and so will the teacher!

Fun Games 4 Learning: Math to Make Them Think!

A Little Cheat Sheet To Avoid Using The Word 'Very'

Anon Rejects A Girl

Multiplication War.. Draw two cards and multiply them. Player 2 goes. Whoever got the bigger product keeps all of the car. If both players get the same product it's a war. Draw again. Whoever gets the biggest product keeps all of the cards.

Multiplication War

24 Math Game - Order of Operations

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musical chairs writing When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off. 10 minute intervals...we could adapt this to Latin parsing

Musical Chairs Reading at Miss Sporn's Class

Pinner said: After my students write a piece I have them leave it on their desks when they go to lunch or special area classes. I place a Skittle on each correct punctuation mark (and I usually put one or two one if they indent a paragraph). Let me tell you, Skittles are the great motivator!

Creative Common Core Content

Roll a Sentence - a fun way to study the 7 sentence patterns for Classical Conversations Essentials

Roll a Sentence


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25 Literary Opening Lines Diagrammed on One Giant Poster | Mental Floss

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250 sentences diagrammed (with explanations) starting with "They laughed" to more complex sentences found in famous novels and documents (US Constitution and Declaration of Independence). They also have German and Latin sentences diagrammed.

Diagramming Sentences