Easy DIY earrings.

Wire-Wrapped Earrings Today’s tutorial is entirely about how to make post earrings by two kinds of common materials. While practicing this tutorial, no extra skills or experience are needed.

Beautiful <3 Jewelry making ideas / girls night <3 via | www.HippiesHope.com

Beautiful Jewelry Stunning extraordinary Moon Tree by Ellen Thurmond, new look of traditional Tree of Life pendant. Moon Tree Sterling Silver and MOP

This beautiful howlite donut has been wrapped with a complex swirling design in solid copper beads and wire. Washer idea, could also use for a donut stone

Glowing Roots - Copper Pendant -Etsy finally something interesting to do with those donut beads!

Wire pendant; jewelry idea

Wire pendant - I wonder if it was made free style or had a preconceived form in mind. Either way, a brilliant use of wire. use black wire

Jewelry Making Tutorial

A special diy bangle project for thin and slim women; while making the bangle bracelets for small wrists, you may make use of aluminum wire, brass wire and strand of shell bead, an easy diy spring and summer bracelet. by lorraine

Easy Sea Glass Jewelry

DIY Jewelry Easy Sea Glass Jewelry, I've been planning on doing this! With small shells too! A Gift for Mom - Easy Sea Glass Jewelry How to DIY Plastic

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