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It’s a slow week with my trip to New York but let’s hit some of the highlights. This week in reading…Still reading The Long Home, finished Hidden Bodies and The Husband’s Secret and picked up books including Dirty Rush,...Read more


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If I'm explaining myself to you it's a compliment. It means I know you are a special sort of person- one I feel may "get it". So I will test the waters gently, to see if I'm right. If I feel I was wrong you will get nothing more.


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Yep, that's about right! I NEED this!


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Gypsy tee

Stay at Home Gypsy T shirt. $28. This is TOTALLY me. Travel the world, stay home when I get there. :)


Gypsy – Buy Me Brunch

I mean, I like unfrosted cheerios. Although I'll pass that shit up for some cinnamon toast crunch and banana nut cheerios! I have my priorities! Like I said before, I've made friends with ppl down in the cafeteria just so I have someone who will hoarde a

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Birkenstock Mayari Women´s Double Strap Buckle Slip-On Sandals

Dillard's - Birkenstock Women's Mayari Sandals

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5 Steps to Create Your Own Meditation Space

~ Although I don't have a designated meditation area in my home, I like the idea of creating one. It seems like if I have more interaction and heart put into an area for meditation that it will encourage me to meditate more. ~

5 Steps to Create Your Own Meditation Space - Paperblog

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