Dancing at Lughnasa

This board is a collaboration of images from the 1930's and from present day that will inspire me and guide my designs for the costumes of Dancing at Lughnasa. The play takes place in Ireland in 1936 and is about the lives of a poor Irish family.
75 Pins

Irish woman sitting

Women cleaning

Poor Women with shawls

White Tri-corn hat


Wellington Boots

Knee length pants and knee socks

1930's Teachers

I like the black socks better for the women.

Knee Highs or possibly ankle socks too

1930's Women

Simple Dresses and Aprons

1930's Shoes

Women's 1930's shoes

Women's 1930's Shoes


Shawl For Act 2

Irish Men- Jack

Old Irish Man- Jack

Michael Clothing

Men's Boots

Michael Boots


Men's Boots

Men's Boots