Jessie Hearts NYC

Settings and inspiration for my YA novel, Jessie Hearts NYC (published by Orchard Books)
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a dining room with many tables and chairs in front of large windows overlooking the city
Geocentric Media: A Media, Advertising, Publishing and Software Development Company.
The View restaurant, where Jessie goes for dinner (and bumps into Finn) (the loos are confusing!).
two tall buildings with clocks on each of them'sides, against a blue sky
From Utopia to Scandal to Luxury, The History of the Ansonia
The Ansonia, the building I based Jessie's Mum's apartment building on, has a fascinating history.
donuts are stacked on top of each other in front of a food cart at an outdoor market
I Love New York Pretzels - WanderFood
There's a lot of food in this book...
a balcony with couches, tables and umbrellas overlooking the city skyline at sunset
Don't know where I found this, but it was the terrace I was thinking of for Finn's party.
people crossing the street in front of a book store
Strand Bookstore | NYC Shopping
Strand Bookstore | NYC Shopping | NYC Magazine
people are walking around in the park next to a fountain
Bethesda Fountain and Terrace, Central Park.
people walking and riding bikes on the sidewalk in front of a store with advertisements for gray's papaya
Gray's Papaya - Where Emma and Jessie get breakfast.
there are two street signs on the same pole in front of a tall city building
Lacoste Blue – Mike Lemanski
@Keris Jessie Hearts NYC by Keris Stainton This is the version that the illustrator, Mike Lemanski, has on his website. (Thanks @deariffath :)
an outdoor seating area on the roof of a high rise building in new york city
Where Finn has his party. Terrace View, #Manhattan #New_York Hotel
a wooden model of the statue of liberty with an inflatable flying saucer
Private Site
“When it was built,” Jessie said, as they waited for the traffic to slow, “it had a pole on top that was supposed to be for tying hot air balloons to.” Emma looked confused. “No. Not hot air balloons. Those things like blimps? But that you could travel in?” “A zeppelin? Like the Hindenberg?” Emma said. They’d learned about the Hindenberg at school. “Yes!” Jessie said. “Dad’s got a paperweight of the building with a blimp attached. I think mum bought it for him.”
an old photo of a city with skyscrapers and birds flying in the sky above
The Empire State building. With airship.
a man with his arms crossed leaning against a wall wearing a white t - shirt
Gallery of Fame: 'Look at Me!' Art Work
When I started writing Jessie, Penn Badgley was who I pictured as Finn.
a cartoon character dressed in blue and red with a star on his chest, holding two fingers up
Sesame Street
Super Grover makes a guest appearance in Jessie Hearts NYC.
people are sitting on the bus and watching something on the television screen in front of them
My NYC: What I love & hate
The Sex and the City tour that Jessie and Emma go on. (MadeByGirl: My NYC: What I love & hate)
a large group of people gathered in the city at night to watch an outdoor movie
Where Jessie and Emma see The Goodbye Girl - July Events – Unique (& Free) Things To Do In NYC | - Unique things to do in NYC