Cake made for a friend's mom's 75th birthday - pictures from her life surround the entire thing

For a milestone birthday party, you'll want to display photos of the birthday celebrant at different ages. Find 16 great ways to incorporate photos into your

Unique 75th Birthday Spinner Cake

75th Birthday Cakes

A New Spin on Aging Cake - This simple round cake puts A New Spin On Aging. Fashioned after a board game spinner, this fun cake provides comic completions to the statement, “You are older than….

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How to make a watermelon fruit cake | Leslie Keegan, CHHC, AADP

What is the latest creative way to serve watermelon? Watermelon “cakes” are becoming very popular for birthday parties. Fruit instead of cake is healthier and so yummy. A watermelon cak…

Photo album and stacked books

Photo album cake for an birthday. Open book is lemon with vanilla/almond bc and the stacked books, (all Marion's special additions) . are chocolate fudge with chocolate bc.

When asked to make a cake for someones 70 year old husband I was stuck for ideas as he didn't seem to have a hobby I could use for a theme.

Aged to Perfection Photo Cake - This homemade cake uses edible photo decorations from the birthday celebrant’s life. You could decorate the cake in any colors to match your theme.

Cake made out of fruit!! This is what want for my birthday! ;) mayyybe a little whipped cream on top (since it's my birthday)

Fruit Cake (Fresh Fruit in the Shape of a Cake)

"Birthday cake made of fruit" No. Not a cake. Just a big slice of watermelon with some pretty fruit on it. And if you try to serve this to me as my birthday cake, clearly you are asking to be ridiculed for the rest of your natural life.

90th Birthday cake

I LOVE THIS CAKE IDEA! Birthday cake - This was a specialty cake I made specific to my grandpa's life. Each silhouette described each phase of his life perfectly. The design came from complete inspiration. So blessed it came to me!

40th birthday cakes - Google Search

Martini classes, bling, feather and explosions! Like round instead of square and the cake stand. Go GF make me my cake!

50th Birthday Cake -Hahaha hope somebody makes this for my 50th!....looks like I'm going to have to wait 35 years...:(

These Birthday Cakes Make Fun Of Growing Old, #2 Is Hilarious