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Kerry Witherington
Kerry Witherington
Kerry Witherington

Kerry Witherington

"My jaw literally dropped when Cecilia read the secret letter. Then I got to the end & it dropped some more." The Husband's Secret, Liane Moriarty. PInner writes: "Imagine your husband wrote you a letter, to be opened after his death. Imagine, too, that the letter contains his deepest, darkest secret - something so terrible it would destroy not just the life you built together, but the lives of others too. Imagine, then, that you stumble across that letter while your husband is still alive."

A Teacher's Treasure: bulletin boards. Teacher uses settings from books to track on a map. Great idea.

How media specialists can help implement the Common Core -- focus on literary/narrative nonfiction -- library books, databases, USA e-books, and primary sources rather than textbooks -- elementary collection should be 50/50 for fiction and informational texts -- see Follett's 'Narrative Nonfiction K-6' book list & 'Common Core Curriculum Maps' by grade level. Haven't checked this out yet -- JD

Reading is Thinking: How to Teach Children to be more Critical Readers; Great blog!! A ton of ideas, and she's also a 4th grade teacher!

Series labels...seriously, so smart! This will definitely be a part of my future library someday!

Top 10 places library books hide...great to show at the end of year when trying to collect all books before summer Love the end with the little boy. So cute!

Bookface Photo Collection--this would be fun to have students and teachers submit, then post a slideshow on the Library website

I am a middle school librarian and I love, love, love this idea! I am planning to do it for my school library this year! Some other settings we have come up with as well are: Walnut Grove, The Shire, Mordor, Wonderland, Westmore Middle School, Camp Green Lake, Fowl Manor, and Green Gables.

Ms. O Reads Books: Apps for Teacher Librarians Part 1: Books & Currently (Posting early ... anyone else home on NYE?)

mamascout: 25 mini-adventures in the library. There is more to the library then checking out books.

Tournament of Kids Books-- To celebrate March Madness, 16 favorite kids books face off bracket style.

The Book Fairy-Goddess: Centers in the Library. Nice post about how one school librarian does centers in her library, giving the scoop on what worked, what didn't, and what she's planning for the new school year!

If you are looking for a good book to read, check out this AWESOME list of 15 Books Becoming Movies in 2015. I am pretty excited about Me Before You, Serena and Dark Places!

Love this for the village library when nothing is going on and there is so much poverty. #GoMADNow

I'll do "the Fault In our Stars -John Green", "Catching Fire -Suzanne Collins", "Divergent -Veronica Roth", "To kill a Mockingbird" etc

The 30 Best Places to be if you LOVE books - Basically I want to go to all of them.

George Lucas’s library at Skywalker Ranch, a company retreat in Marin County, California

Bring your read alouds to life! Do something fun to get students involved in the book.