Boyfriend Jeans with silky top//

Oh Boyfriend Jeans, I don't get you. Go very simple and casual by wearing a simple white tee, sandals, and aviators. This is a great summer look. how to wear boyfriend jeans


Casual blue outfit - I love the style of this sweater. It is somenthing I don't have, but would love to try.


Nicholas K Anthro Coat Jacket Taupe

Any type of female Post-Apocalyptic style clothing. I like the look of this Jacket, and others like it. Preferably nothing ripped, or revealing. I'm also looking for post-apocalyptic style hoods.


I WANT this!JEDI: Do Or Do Not / Brand Wars - These hoodies are now available at HtCRU tees Jedi Josie photographed by John Bocock.

love the entire outfit + accessories

Turquoise is a great color for summer style, whether on a maxi skirt or dress. Layer with neutral accessories to complement the bright color!

grey, ripped jeans//

slouchy grey sweater, white tee, ripped jeans -- would live in this every day if i could get away with it. (not ripped jeans though because.