Chris Clavio, "Light Pyramid Sculpture", a sculpture comprised of a projector that illuminates a high-contrast image across a projection space and surface. Chris presents his works on his website, Clavion Unlimited.


Obsessed with light through windows and shadows. Nice photo all around, great blacks and whites, and the greys. Black and white nude portrait photography girl woman back

// ILikeItThatWay

I chose this photo because of the use of line. The stairs creates a pattern that is disrupted by the subjects in the photo (the people).

amazing shot of barbed wire (via ☣ Bad Reputation ☣ b-a-d-reputation.tumblr 26589290357)

I like this image as the barbed wire has a very interesting pattern on the outside of it and the repetition of the barbed wire looks really good. Also the way the barbed wire spirals down is very fascinating as it creates an illusion like effect.


Traffic lights => This picture depicts a photo of multiple traffic lights along the street. This picture is able to capture all of the traffic lights of the street.