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Blumenkohl-Kroketten by on www.

Regenbogen Früchte Einhorn

Instead of fruit dip, you can also substitute gold foil wrapped chocolate coins/candy for the "Pot 'O Gold" at one end of the rainbow. I will make homemade whipp or coconut whipp

Möhren-“Pommes” mit Knoblauch und Parmesan | Möhren-“Pommes” sind mega einfach zuzubereiten und voll lecker

Garlic Parmesan–Baked Carrot Fries These Fries Are Totally Wonderful To Make And Eat

Wie aus Toilettenpapier-Rollen tolle Drachen werden.

Would be fun for Chinese New Year. This fire breathing, toilet paper roll dragon is SO MUCH FUN! Blow into the end, and it looks like flames are coming out of the dragon's mouth! Such a cute craft idea for a rainy day!