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an empty room with five doors in it
Average cost to produce an app vs AppzBizz platform price
an eye with the words 55 % will not purchase from a brand using a poorly designed web or app
the cost of poorly designed web or app
an image of a building that has a quote about local commercialism on the front door
Local commerce enables by mobile devices
a person holding up a camera lens with the words 4 simple ways to stay focused
Apps that help you focus on the customer
a sign that says welcome bizzability fans with the sun setting in the background
AppzBizz welcomes Bizzability fans
a blue background with the words as android phone and other mobile platforms grow, we are moving away from the page - based internet
App-centric internet means you need an app
a coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table next to a window with the words jumpstart your day with good coffee
Jumpstart your business with an app
an advertisement for the applizz events program, featuring rows of empty chairs and text
AppzBizz Events
an advertisement for e - commerce is shown here
AppzBizz introduces E-shopping and Order management
an image of bubbles in the water with a caption that reads, the empire evidence from our research proves that mobile marketing has a
The contribution of mobile
a person holding a bird in their hand with the caption how many people are returning to your app that's how good it really is
User retention - the goal of AppzBizz