Halloween Party Ideas for Adults - Halloween Love Songs

34 Inspiring Halloween Party Ideas for Adults

The tank is a soda bottle and it's connected to his pacifier.

Halloween Costume Ideas - The tank is a soda bottle and it's connected to his pacifier. Cutest Halloween costume idea ever.

I use a fishbowl wadded up some black tulle, print off a picture of Miss Leota on Photo Paper and   cut it out and placed it in there.    That is it!

DIY Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Crystal Ball (fishbowl, black tulle and a print out of her face)This is awesome! Beaux R'eves: The Haunted Dining Room How-To's.

LOL awesome

Call me Nightpain…

Edgar Allen Hoe Costume is Sexy AND Witty Quoth the raven, “what a whore.

Floating candles for Halloween... Toilet paper/kitchen roll tubes and led candles

Floating candles for Halloween. Toilet paper/kitchen roll tubes (paint the rolls white) + led candles + fishing line = Floating candles, Harry Potter party

Halloween idea

Voodoo Doll Cookies!

voodoo doll cookies~T~ I think these are so adorable. Use her recipe or your own sugar cookie recipe and a gingerbread man cookie cutter. Decorate as shown.

Bring all the skeletons out of the closet with this hilarious "OMG I'm Like Literally Dead" shirt.

Show off your basic side with this hilarious and possibly ironic, basic white girl inspired, pumpkin spice latte lover's, selfie taker's shirt! Let the world know that you are like totally dead.

Halloween Game Ideas

Halloween party ideas we did this with a kids birthday party with powdered sugar donuts and no hands.now we are going to do it for an adult party for some good laughs Like the pickle idea :P

Shakespeare mug

ferrarisenglishworld: “angiewarhol: “ amandaonwriting: “ Shakespeare mug - Double, double, boil and trouble… ” Oh I need it. ” I know some Shakespeare nuts who would love this mug!