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Vintage Circus Pictures

Vintage Circus Pictures

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Circus Performers, Terre Haute, Indiana, 1923

Sideshow curiosity "Tue French Hunchback" CDV c. 1880s

"Pinheads" Carte de visite, ca. 1865. Pinheads were microcephalic people who were often placed in freak shows and dressed as adult babies. Was this better than an asylum at the time?

Conjoined Twnis

Retronaut - c. 1901: Trick Photograph of a Man with Two Heads

A gathering of Barnum's most successful exhibitions: Laloo, left, with Young Herman, anatomical wonder, John Coffey, living skeleton, James Morris, rubber-skinned man, and Jo-Jo, dog-faced boy.

PT Barnum's albino family, the Lucasies.

Josephine Clofullia (1827–75) was born hairy and had a 2-inch beard at the age of 8. At 14 she began to tour Europe. In Paris she met painter Fortune Clofullia and married him. She gained fame when she fashioned her beard in the imitation of that of Napoleon III. In return, the ruler gave her a large diamond. Josephine gave birth to two children; the first, a daughter who was born in 1851, died in infancy. Her son Albert, who was born the next year, was as hirsute as his mother had been.

queerest of them all

Priscilla – The Monkey Girl, 1911. She was born with hypertrichosis, and she had two rows of teeth. Unfortunately during her life she was dubbed "THE HAIRY GIRL".

bearded lady and child.

“Dwarf Fat Lady” Sophia Schultz


Madame Devere possessed the longest facial hair ever recorded on a bearded lady — 14 inches. She comes on to the radar in 1884 when she performed at Huber’s Museum in New York and with Sells Bros. Circus. In 1906 she toured with the Campbell Bros., and in 1908 with Yankee Robinson. According to the Oolwein (Iowa) Register she was passing through that town in 1912 with the Patterson Shows, when she fell ill and died.

Conjoined Twins Rosa and Josefa

Vintage Circus | Paul Jarome and Lou Jacobs | The Ringling Brothers Circus at Boston Garden (1941)

Vintage Photography - Side Show / Pin Up / Snake handler.

Meribeth Old is one of the most famous and most talented American contortionists of all time, performed during the 1950’s

bloodmilk. (weirdvintage: Meribeth Old is one of the most...)

Tommy Bentley’s First Circus: In Tommy’s younger years he traveled with many circuses including Hoxie, Kelly Miller and many others, but Hagenbeck & Wallace is where he got his start. He ran away from home at a very young age. A large tent attracted his attention and it was a circus….his first job was washing dishes on the Hagenbeck & Wallace Circus sometime in the 1930″s.

The Circus Blog - Part 109

1938 photo of 700 pound circus Fat Lady Doris Bleu.

Lot Detail - 1938 Circus Freak, 700 Pound Fat Lady

Left to Right: Mahphoon, Mah Me, Moung Phoset - The Sacred Hairy Family of Burma This family's hypertrichosis stretched over 5 generations. The Hairy Family was exhibited by PT Barnum for a season in the UK, and a brief tour in the US. in 1888

Alfredo and Vera Codona (c.1932) circus flying Trapeze Performers

File:Alfredo and Vera Codona (c.1932).jpg - Circopedia

Human caterpillar, Sideshow performer

Running Away With the Circus


Phineas PT Barnums Sideshow Digital Collage Sheet


Circus Freaks of the Past

1920s sideshow performers

Chesters Circus silver jubilee 1935

fortune teller