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When you were a kid, you probably did sit-ups at school for an ab workout. But is the sit-up the best ab exercise? That’s actually a simple question. No way! There are far better ab exercises than a simple sit-up, which can exacerbate back problems …

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Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy, especially when there are unhealthy temptations lurking at every turn. When you feel your willpower start to slip, reference this list and be inspired to choose the healthy path.

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To help you learn how you can start squeezing a little bit more exercise into your already packed day, here are a few quick fitness tips.

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How to Sell, Trade, or Donate Gift Cards You Don’t Want

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adidas - Tubular Invader Strap Shoes Blue / Blue / Clear Aqua BB5041

Tubular Invader Strap Shoes

adidas - Tubular Invader Strap Shoes Core Black / Core Black / Vintage White BB5037