Another beautiful Volksrod!

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custom Bug

Custom V Dub Love this shop's work!

Wooden Volkswagen

Wooden Volkswagen

vw cox hot road rouge

VW hot road rouge via Cox

I love this thing. It looks like a cartoon.

VW Californian style - WTF ..j

VW Californian style It floats can it fly

bad ass

"Dennis the Menace" on the track. This Bug is "Trouble" for every other car who dares to run against it!

VW Bug extended fenders

Slightly tunned bug


I knew Bugs could be Hot Rodded.


Ideas for my new Street Rod - Chopped and channeled Upped by Tburg

More ideas
Awesome Volkwagen Bug rod, "volksrod" style

Should this be on my VW, Hot Rod or Rat Rod Board? Hard to decide , never a rat rod ,this is wicked !


Nice Volksrod yea-i-like-cars-trucks-motorcycles-too


I live these Volksrods out of older bugs. Makes me want to get back into building custom cars and motorcycles sport cars cars vs lamborghini cars sports cars

Garage34 Oficial

Volkswagen Beetle Rat Rod Ratters belong to a counterculture of people who owns, tunes up, modifies and drives a " RATcar "- a c.

Bad Bug!

I'm really starting to like these hotrod VeeDubs.

VW Volkswagen Coupe style. This is so badass!

This 1965 Volkswagen Bug Volksrod is badass.

This is so cool

Chopped, Cut, Fenderless VW Beetle, Hot Rod sittin' on & Probably the only badass bug!

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We insure custom cars with insurance to cover your special needs, get your in at of


hot rod, muscle cars, rat rods and girls : Photo

The Ruiners - Ran's Helrod

Ruiners is a Chopper and Car Club, a group of mates into a certain style of cars and bikes.