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Super-elite, multi-billionnaire Warren Buffett at a party organized by Jay-Z. As TMZ now likes to say, he’s “throwing up the Illuminati sign”.

Putting kids in headlocks!

Putting kids in headlocks!

Doing the Home Alone face!

Warren Buffett ~ the "Home Alone" face

Using a comically oversized ping-pong paddle!

Warren Buffet playing ping pong at Borsheims during Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting with Bill and Cheryl in the background.

Eating a dilly bar!

Dairy Queen is the happiest place on earth, sorry Disney Pics)

Singing with cheerleaders!

Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge - March Madness A Perfect Bracket Could Be Worth A Bundle Odds are against you ☺, but so what!

Throwing a newspaper!

PsBattle: Warren Buffet tossing a newspaper during a competition in Omaha Nebraska

How plugged-in is this trader? He takes his information DIRECTLY TO THE HEAD.

Global markets were in the red on Tuesday after a report cast doubt on the idea China would provide financial support to Italy, leaving market participants concerned over the growing European sovereign debt crisis.

Mellow in Mumbai.

Mellow in Mumbai.