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Variable ATX Bench Supply

Variable ATX Bench Powersupply - FabLab Edition: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Foot pedal plugs into Arduino case

Foot pedal plugs into Arduino case


MSF Decoder and the Arduino

Clock controller circuit by cibomahto, via Flickr

Controlling a clock with an Arduino

GY-61 3 Axis Accelerometer and Arduino

3 Axis Accelerometer and Arduino

RF Signal Strength Meter

RF Signal Strength Meter


But it does automate the process of setting up the Bluetooth to serial module for use in your projects.

Astronauts Phone Stand | The Gadget Flow

Astronauts Phone Stand / Because astronauts are cool, here’s a heavy and sturdy smartphone mount shaped like one that will add a special touch to your workspace.

Convert a Computer ATX Power Supply to a Lab Power Supply - wikiHow

Use a PC power supply as a bench supply with the ATX PS Adapter from Mystic Engineering