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Semiotics (August 2012)

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Semiotics (August 2012)

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Jackson Hole Jerry Maguire Moment

The Rich disconnect.

$4 Gasoline is coming.

Romney chokes the chicken.

Bullish Dallas Fed Index.

Code red alert signaled for Stock Market correction.

Hedge Fund Managers Becoming More Bullish

The "Mind and Hand" of central banks.

UK QE was the best of times and the worst of times.

Ron Paul prays for a return to the Gold Standard.

REPORT: The GOP Wants To Set Up A Gold Commission

Dr Copper says the Global Economy is healthy in the long run.

Captain Obamerica v Kung Fu Panda!!!

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans calls for concerted global easing.

Weak Eurozone hits Japanese exports.

US Banks fill the gap between rising deposits and falling lending with US Treasuries.

Happy Days for Muni Bonds.

The FHA is taxpayer funded subprime lending.

The latest Obama Foreclosure Plan is another taxpayer funded bailout.

Robots create structural global unemployment.

The death of Retail Investors is the birth of the equity bull market.

Noways SWF becomes a contrarian investor.

US Construction firms fare worst in loan crunch - Aug. 15, 2012

Americans’ Views on Economy Are Most Pessimistic Since November.

Japan prints a recovery in nominal terms.

Nasim Taleb sends a contrarian bull signal.