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20 Custom American Girl Dolls Inspired by Books and Movies

Ultimate List of Easter Crafts and Activities for American Girl Dolls and their Friends

Giveaway – Easter Treats for your Dolls

Toy Fair 2016 Highlights from Doll Diaries #tfny #tfny16

Braided Belt Fashion Inspired by Lea

Sophia’s Sweets Valentine Giveaway

Printable Valentines in two sizes (one doll sized and one larger) #printable #valentines

Make this doll size cleaning tote and all the supplies to fill it up! Just the right size for 18" dolls!

American Girl Doll patterns ~ Sleeping bag pattern for an American Girl Doll. Easy to make! #AmericanGirlDoll #Sewing #Pattern

Mini Valentines for your dolls! These are so cute!

Easy matching Valentines shirts- Buy two shirts on sale. Sew one into a doll shirt. Add matching hearts to the front. I made both of these shirts for $7!

Doll Craft-A Simple Valentines Banner

A Valentine’s Day Wreath for Your Dollhouse

The Ultimate List of Doll Valentine’s Day Crafts

Sew a fun fur scarf for dolls. There are a few fun details sewn right in.

A Year of Projects Inspired by Grace Thomas

Mini Valentine exchange for dolls with this fun mailbox made out of a paper tube.

Vintage inspired Valentines for dolls. Printable included!

“I Love Lucy” ~ The Chocolate Factory Doll

Sew a Simple Scarf with a Little Sparkle for Dolls.

Sew an oven mitt, hot pad and towel for dolls- instructions are included.

Strappy Sandals Inspired by American Girl GOTY 2016, Lea Clark

Closet Dividers for Your Dolls

Make a Fold Out Chair/Bed