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High end audio audiophile Icon Audio MB90 MkIIm-150 (£2900 pair) - Pre/power amplifiers

High end audio audiophile Icon Audio pair) - Pre/power amplifiers

4 cool female DJs share their beauty tricks

The best melt-proof makeup tips and products, straight from the ones who know best.

Sub Plans for the Music Classroom: Blog post about how to create a sub tub for your music room!

Sub plans for the music classroom: Suggestions for putting together a sub tub, links to great sub plan freebies, and more!

I wish I had known about these when I started playing music. I could have maybe avoided things like arteritis in my fingers. I'm going to have to bring these up to my students.

We& put together a basic routine of stretches for musicians to improve flexibility, avoid injury and maintain control during practices and performances.

How to make it in the #musicindustry

How To Make It In The Music Industry - The cold hard truth by Greg Savage. They'll never be a deal written with your best interest in mind unless you have something the label needs and can't get anywhere else.