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This is the third installment in an ongoing series that explores drag culture and the nightlife scene in Brooklyn, N.Y - Untitled Queen

Kryean Kally “I never kiss and tell, but I have been finding myself attracted to all of the personalities involved in Legendary Children. We are all very passionate about our art.”

Kryean Kally “The young queer community in Atlanta seems to be on the brink of something beautiful.”

New York photographer Leland Bobbé captures the two sides of the city's drag queens -- the extravagantly made-up drag divas and the organic men that lie beneath.

Frieda Belinfante, was a half-Jewish lesbian member of a gay resistance group called the CKC. She participated in the planning of the destruction of the Amsterdam Population Registry in March 1943, and was also active in falsifying identity cards and arranging hiding places for Jews and others sought by the Nazis. In December 1943, Belinfante escaped to Switzerland via Belgium and France. After the war, she returned briefly to Amsterdam and then emigrated to the United States.

Transgender Day of Remembrance is tomorrow. It is a day to remember those who have been killed because of their transgender identity, often trans women of color. In 2010, it was observed in more than 185 cities in over 20 countries, and it has continued to grow. Please look for an event in your area if you are interested in participating. Many cities will hold a candlelight vigil, march, food drive, or other activity in remembrance of those we have lost.

Justified v. Sons of Anarchy

Tekonsha cross-dressers, 1870s

Bronzeville’s female impersonators Popular in the 1930s and 1940s at places like the Cabin Inn and Joe’s DeLuxe, these African American entertainers were a vital part of Bronzeville’s jazz and cabaret scene.

Two men dancing, Harlem, 1920s. According to George Chauncey’s eponymous Gay New York, the Harlem Renaissance of the ’20s provided an opportunity for gay men to create their own social and cultural spaces within the burgeoning nightlife in the neighborhood.

Macklemore - Same Love. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have produced some compelling music and videos together. I'm a huge supporter of his work and a fan of his music.

"Police your own gender and not someone else's!" #gsm #lgbtq #feminism

He likes pink and pantyhose and dressing as a girl. Look how happy he looks in pink boots

Sons of Anarchy: Walton Goggins on His Jaw-Dropping Cameo - Walton’s character, the trans-sexy “Venus Van Damme,” wears a Customized Syren Latex Tank Suit with no ass and a zipper in the front, too show off her ample décolletage. She also wears molded latex opera length gloves, available on

At around 1:30am, Larry Duncan, 56, left, and Randy Shepherd, 48, from North Bend, Wash. got their marriage license. The two plan to wed on December 9th, the first day it is possible for them to wed in a church in Washington State. They have been together for 11 years.

Lady Bunny

Barbette, by Man Ray. Here’s an interesting read: The Surreal Sex of Beauty: Jean Cocteau and Man Ray’s “Le Numero Barbette”.

Rupaul quote.

"marriage is about LOVE not gender."