Face-Off With A Deadly Predator

Face-Off With A Deadly Predator

Sky puppies

Sky-puppies :'D. I want a sky-puppy

The only version of Uptown Funk I want to hear. Puptown Funk This is really cute if you know the Song Uptown Funk!

Aww...I love this!

The cat’s expression says it all…

what good babies!

Such a good message, a dog is a reflection of its owner. Any dog can be aggressive regardless of breed and any dog can be sweet, loving, caring and harmless including if not especially pitbulls. So remember judge the owner not the dog.


21 Cutest Animal Pictures of the Week-He fell asleep like this on the ride home.

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Aww poor baby "Just washed my furr and I can't do a thing with it.

true story #gsd #shepherd #pets

I love sick days with shadow

Honest animals name

Honest animals name

Especially one this cute!

Ladies can't resist a man in flannel.