Throw a Dart at a Map and Travel to Wherever it Lands. What do I do if it lands in the middle of the ocean? Take a cruise!

Zorbing in New Zealand. I have no idea what "zorbing" is exactly, but it seems to involve bubbles and water. I'm in!

Take a cross-country road trip from New York to California and back again

I guess this would be a little different from the "design my dream house" one. You can design a house all day long, but I'd also like to actually live in it too!

Shark cage diving!

South Africa is the best shark cage diving destination in the world. And Gansbaai is the best shark cage diving destination in South Afr.


Walk in a water walker. Did this with my best friend at Addison fair, so much fun!

This is a big one, I want to swim with dolphins! I love that some of my dreams seem too big or difficult to achieve, but I know I can! And one day, I WILL swim with dolphins =)

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