Organizing Kindergarten

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a poster with the words st or stand getting to know you topics in black and white
Build a Strong Classroom Community (Despite Social Distancing Rules) - Little Playful Learners
a desk with a chair, computer monitor and many folders on top of it
2019 Home Organization Challenge Week 11: The Office | A Bowl Full of Lemons
a book cover with the words plan book on it
Fresh Sorbet Plan Book Paperback
Fresh Sorbet Plan Book Paperback
an egg carton filled with paint and watercolors
20 Amazing Teacher Hacks
20 Amazing Teacher Hacks
teacher hacks for the classroom to help students learn how to do their own tasks
20 Amazing Teacher Hacks
20 Amazing Teacher Hacks
the color code and organize your google drive is shown in this graphic style, with an arrow
Color Code Google Drive Folders (Plus Color Cheatsheets!)
a close up of a printer on the ground with some stickers attached to it
Mind-blowing Lamination Hacks for Teachers and Homeschooling
four pictures of different types of colored pencils in a box and on the floor
Andrea on Instagram: “I love this idea! What a quick and easy way organize markers, crayons, o
an empty classroom with tables and chairs
how to make worksheets for your class or step by step
Give Your Students the Gift of STEM - Teach Outside the Box
Step-by-step tutoria
the font and numbers are all in white on a light blue background for this image
a book shelf filled with books and other children's books on top of it
Play More Month
Updated story shelves in my early years classroom
children's bookshelves and tables in a child's room with orange walls
DIY Rain Gutter Bookshelves by nicandboys: What a great idea!
a close up of a flowered cloth hanging on the side of a refrigerator door
Classroom Door Window Covering
Classroom Door Window Covering Pushed Up
the door is decorated with an owl theme
My Etsy Shop is OPEN!
Exciting stuff is going on that I wanted to share with you. I recently had the opportunity to design and make a window shade for a teacher friend of mine. At my son's school, each teacher needs to have the ability to cover the window in their door very quickly in case of a "Lockdown"…
a pink plastic container filled with markers and pencils next to the words how to organize your centers
How to Organize Centers in Your Classroom - Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Classroom organization is importation in preschool, prek, kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Use this simple system for organizing literacy and math centers.
an instagram page with the message'welcome to kindergartn'on it