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Captain America, The Winter Soldier: Winter Soldier has a spark of recognition while fighting Steve Rogers

The Winter Soldier trying to carry out his mission, but we all know Bucky is fighting it ;) <-- this comment :)

((Need Bucky, open rp)) He shot me. Bucky shot me. I cried out and fell to my side, landing on the floor of the Helicarrier.

Bucky Barnes

They really must quit making such ridiculously attractive Bucky art. (please don't stop) - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!


Bucky Barnes art -- It's beautiful! The hair, the tilt of his head, the parted lips, the neck rub;


Head cannon: hydra would hold secret fundraisers for the winter soldier program where they would auction bucky off o the highest bidders for whatever they please