Kristina Ellingson

Kristina Ellingson

Kristina Ellingson
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Slow Cooker Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe- Recipes Everyone who tries this dessert falls in love with it. Using a slow cooker liner makes cleanup a breeze. —Latona Dwyer, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida C'est ben bon et ridiculement facile


Super-Simple Garlic Broccoli Recipe -My kids love broccoli, especially with lots of garlic. It’s great for a special occasion, but it’s so quick that I usually fix it once a week in our home. Everyone gobbles it up. —Caramia Sommers, Oswego, New York

Swiss cheese potatoes

Swiss Cheese Potatoes 8 large potatoes, peeled and cubed (about 4 pounds) teaspoons salt, divided 2 cups chopped celery cup chopped onion cups ounces) shredded Swiss cheese, divided cup milk 3 tablespoons butter teaspoon pepper


Raspberry Sugar Cream Tarts Recipe -My tarts bring back memories of growing up baking with my mom. They’re perfect for holidays at home, as well as for gifts.