Or he's pulling Cas down from heaven.ow that hurts<<< shot through the heart

No... no no no no no

Roses are red Sherlock's scarf is blue I think I just died Because that's what people do----- This poems ended, my tears now run; go sit in the corner and think of what you've done.

i find this sad but when i song this slowly it was kinda scary

i find this sad but when i song this slowly it was kinda scary<--Funny you say that, because I just sang this very slowly and scared the crap out of my twin. >XD Ring Around The Rosie - Deadspace

well you didnt have to make it more sad #homestuckspoilers

i wanted to draw something from that panel a while ago and i finally did it asdfghjk(sorry, i draw to much striders asdfgh) practicing comic stuff and e. homestuck comic i am not a hero

Aww Karkat!

I want you Karkat!<<<this made me cry. <---- I want to adopt this poor sweet Karkat he needs some love im crying im crying Karkat your gorgeous you aren't ugly and you are wanted *cries* *weeps*

*cries forever*

"We homestuck fans 'ship' so we can cry about the more simple things. Rather than the painful ones." <<< And here is a perfect example of the painful things

"Homestuck" love  it

"Homestuck"sorry about the othere coment someone eles said that and i forgot to change it I want the Latula one so so so badly.


this is part of the comic but fanart made. it is sadstuck but it rings so strong T.T <<< My heart.