Genius! Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate - stays melted for hours so you can dip or make candy with! How do I never think of these things?!

Melted Chocolate for Dipping and Drizzling (Slow Cooker Method)

Slow Cooker Melted Chocolate ~ A foolproof, easy way to melt chocolate for drizzling, dipping, and candy making. It stays at a perfect melted consistency for hours! Great idea for an ice cream sundae bar!

Glitter Balloons - perfect for a birthday party!

DIY, Glitter Balloons with glow stick inside Take a balloon Get some glitter and pour it into some balloons. Cut open glow sticks and pour the liquid in the balloon and shake it up for some glowing glitter!

Amazing way to hide ugly built in tubs.

How To Hide Ugly Built-In Tubs With Faux Stone (amazing product for dressing up just about any surface!) How To Hide Ugly Built-In Tubs With Faux Stone (amazing product for…

Liquid Skittle~ 6 oz. Malibu Mango Rum, 12 oz. Strawberry Daiquiri Frozen Mix, and 6 oz. Gatorade Lemon-Lime

saving this for when i can drink: Liquid Skittle ~ 6 oz Malibu Mango Rum, 12 oz strawberry daiquiri frozen mix & 6 oz Gatorade lemon-lime

Melted Snowman Ornament

Make a Melted Snowman Christmas Ornament - by Eyeballs by Day, Crafts by Night (featured on Dollar Store Crafts). *A Florida Snowman!

Use your family pictures....could get interesting!

Family Guess Who? ~`*`~ Replace all of the images in a Guess Who game with pictures of family friends and relatives. Children will enjoy having a more personalized game and will also learn about extended family members they may not get to see very often.

Leopard print vinyl decal for Kitchen Aid mixer. Kruse , is it bad that I want to get one of these for the [theoretical] house next year?

Here are some great poses for you to try if you are new to yoga!

7 Yoga Poses For Yoga Newbies [VIDEO]

7 Yoga Poses For Yoga Newbies - Are you a yogi-wannabe but too intimidated to enter a group yoga class with no yoga experience? Well, time to zen out and fret no more. After you practice these seven basic yoga poses, have a perfect foun

I will have glitter stairs!

In what place would these awesome stairs be commonplace? Swarovski Crystal Staircase - Champs Elysees (this must be the stairway to heaven)

love this hair color and highlights

Long layered hair cut and dark blonde highlights.I would have to get light brown highlights no blonde at all