Reunification Monument in Younde, Cameroon. The twin spirals symbolise the unification of the French and British Cameroons.

The "Monument de la Réunification" at Yaoundé symbolizes the reunion of Cameroon. The spiral represents two snakes whose heads merge, symbol of the reunification of French Cameroon and British Cameroon.

BRG3S, by Jason Jackson [2011 KRob Finalist]

KRob Architectural Delineation, Architectural Drawing & Illustration Competition eleven winners and eighteen finalists

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JOSHUA L JONES, USF SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURE • Architectural drawing of Eisenstein’s The Return, Spring 2011, Dr. Levant Kara

Joshua L Jones, USF School of Architecture, Class of 2011 Class: “The Florida House” - Spring Dr. Levant Kara Architectural drawing of Eisenstein’s The Return.

archatlas: Architectural Drawings Andrei (Zoster) Răducanu

Architectural Drawings Andrei (Zoster) Răducanu - captures the mishap formation of books on the stairs and the quirky layout.

James Law cybertecture concept for Wadala Tower in Mumbai. The project was cancelled.

Wadala tower, Mumbai, India is the tallest mix-use tower in the world, designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International. This tower is situated in the heart of India.

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Designed to resemble a blossoming flower, Greek architecture firm Petra Architects recently submitted "Blossoming Dubai" to the Zaabeel Park Tall Emblem Structure Competition. The tower is equipped with two elevators that run on spiral rails which turn 1

Modern structure in Hong Kong

I have always loved this building. The design is impeccable. >>>>> Modern structure in Hong Kong -- Curated by: Ecora Engineering & Resource Group