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Canine v Feline Chest Anatomy Tutorial by ~Daesiy on deviantART

Other Canine v. Feline tutorials: Overall:[link] Faces:[link] Another one! xDDD This time on chests since a lot of people tend to have trouble with th. Canine v Feline Chest Anatomy Tutorial

“Jump of Life” by Bonnie Cheung (Hong Kong): An intense climax to the wildebeests’ annual summer migration.

Winner, Hong Kong, National Awards: In July each year, a heart-pounding scene of wildebeest migration repeats itself in Kenya. (© Chi Hung Cheung, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards) . In Focus - The Atlantic

Paraceratherium by Mauricio Antón ‘The largest land animal alive today is the mighty African elephant, however even the largest adult bull elephants were dwarfed by the largest land mammal ever to exist.’ ferrebeekeeper

Paraceratherium - Largest land mammal that ever lived. Made the elephant look like a pipsqueak. Most likely it will be called a Giraffe Beast or a Rhino Giraffe on Dymos.

Mid-American prehistoric megafauna. Behold the awesomeness of organization.                                                                                                                                                     More

Megafauna de México a finales del Pleustoceno (Mexican Megafauna at the end of the Pleistocene)

Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs of Las Hoyas by on @DeviantArt

Dinosaurs and pterosaurs of las Hoyas, Spain. Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs of Las Hoyas

Tetrapods of the Oxford Clay Formation, includes a variety of marine reptiles (like the famous Liopleurodon ferox and several other plesiosaurs, metrior. Tetrapods of the Oxford Clay Formation