Jennifer is a Party Pooper (7:12am) - YouTube

German guy trying to make sense of the many American idioms. I'm dying "so Jennifer. She poops at parties? I poop at parties but no one sees me. Does she visit the water closet and leave the door open so people can see and smell things?

beach bum

Funny pictures about Sand puppy. Oh, and cool pics about Sand puppy. Also, Sand puppy photos.

Norman The Briard

This is Norman! He's a scooter-riding Briard. Norman is a member member of Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance Pet Foods team of Canine Sports Dogs.

It's friday, don't judge me.

Alright look, meet me at the bar in like We'll discuss this whole piss on the floor situation over some man, good stuff.


You mean you're not my real mom? You mean you're not my real mom? You mean you're not my real mom?

The most intelligent relationship advice I've ever read.

This is awesome.People need to remember this more these days. Be contented. Don't run to another girl just because you see a "better catch." Yes, there are people greater than her. But there are also people greater than you. Yet, she choose you.

one happy frenchie!

Happy Friday: Here's A Delightful Collection Of Animals On Swings

one happy frenchie! one happy frenchie! one happy frenchie!