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Why You Do What You Do - The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Personality Typing System [Infographic] | #Infographic #Personality #Pedagogy #CareerCounselling #PersonalDevelopment #LifeCoaching |

Why You Do What You Do is an infographic on the basics of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a personality test. (ENTP/J --> INFP/J)


According to this, I'm a moody know-it-all cold hippie. Personally, however, I feel I'm more an annoying know-it-all cold hippie. You see, a know it all knows not to confuse introversion with moodiness. There are many happy introverts.

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Don’t make it too easy for them, constantly prove yourself to be a challenge. Be prepared for constant debating, and don’t get emotional if they push all of your buttons.Challenge me what up entp