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I don't ship them but this is funny af lmao Reaperbean by Disteal

Reaperbean by Disteal

제딧/Jedit(@9Jedit) 님 | 트위터

제딧/Jedit(@9Jedit) 님 | 트위터 news

Here are the basic anatomical shapes, or pattern map, that I teach to students starting out. I always prefer to emphasize pattern and desi.

one piece; Nami, (good fan art, and this person chose not to over-emphasize certain aspects of her figure)

Laika Artist Anthony Holden Draws The Casual Wolfman And Animates One Piece Pirates [Art] - ComicsAlliance

Loving this cycle on his coat. Click the image to see the GIF moving.

Oh, Zoro, three swords are so much cooler than one. by—Anthony Holden

Precious Rascal (Anthony Holden)  Usopp from One Piece.  Because that show is amazing.  In other news, you can find Nami here and Zoro here.  I hope to get to the rest of the crew soon! by Anthony Holden

Crunchyroll - Dreamworks Artist Animates Gifs of "One Piece" Pirates