Growth Mindset: What Can I Say to Myself?

Twitter / sgray_NCSD: Love this #GrowthMindset ...

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Are Tieks Ballet Flats Worth the Price on a Teacher Budget?

Using Graffiti as Review in the Classroom - This is a great review activity for test prep, before quizzes and tests, or any time you think your students need a refresher! It works at ANY grade level because students can draw OR write what they are thinking!

February 2015 Archives - Hojo's Teaching Adventures

Teach with Love - A great teaching blog. I love her brain break video clips!

20 Brain Break Clips: Fight the Fidgeting! -

Kick these habits for a more engaging classroom! Read about these habits that teachers need to try to break so your kiddos can thrive , not just survive! Read more!

5 Teaching Habits That Are Hurting Your Students

Miss DeCarbo: How I Stay Organized: Weekly Lesson Planning Tips & Tricks by Miss DeCarbo

Miss DeCarbo: How I Stay Organized: Weekly Lesson Planning Tips & Tricks by Miss DeCarbo

If you are seriously considering leaving teaching, you are not alone. But this is not a decision to make lightly. Here are six essential questions to consider.

6 Questions to Ask When You Feel Like Quitting Teaching

Teaching Outside the Box: 6 Things That the HAPPIEST Teachers Do Every Day

6 Things That the HAPPIEST Teachers Do Every Day

Use this checklist as a teacher when you are doing a lesson. Also, works great when you are planning questions to ask prior to a lesson!

Higher Order Thinking Checklist

10 Interactive Notebook Tips - everything you need to know to get your class started with interactive notebooks!

10 Interactive Notebook Tips

100 Kids Activities to Build Character - Moments A Day

100 Kids Activities To Build Character - Moments A Day

Bright Ideas for Kinesthetic Learning - games and activities for ELA and Math that are easy to implement into any K-2 classroom. First Grade Smiles blog post

First Grade Smiles: Bright Ideas for Kinesthetic Learning

Teaching With a Mountain View: 5 Changes That Saved My Sanity

5 Changes That Saved My Sanity

Idea for organizing morning messages

2nd Grade Common Core Morning Messages - Second Story Window

Wow! notebook -- a morale booster! When a staff member receives the notebook, they read the wonderful message that someone wrote for them. They, in turn, write a note to another staff member to encourage, give a boost, or to just say how much they are appreciated. At the bottom of the page they write, "Don't forget to pass it on....."

Hanselor the Counselor: WOW!

Critical thinking skills chart. Awesome visual with lots of suggestions for putting these skills to use!

s2d - iPad - Learning Tool

Humorous Retirement Poems | Teacher Retirement Poems Funny -

Teacher Retirement Poems Funny -

20 ways in 20 days: enjoy teaching…no matter what

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Don’t wait for teaching to become fun again: plan for it! "Unshakeable" is the new book by Angela Watson. Download the first chapter free.

Is it possible to enjoy teaching every day…no matter what?


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10 Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

10 Surprising Ways to Use Instagram in the Classroom

10 Ways to Sabotage Your Classroom Managment: If you are having classroom management problems, take a look at this article, which explains what NOT to do, and the more effective practices you should try instead.

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I have a treat for you today! One hot topic in the education world today is executive functioning. Anne-Marie Morey reached out to me to write a post about how to help students that are distracte...

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A Powerful Reminder

A Powerful Reminder for Teachers

Power Cards - must LEARN more about these!

My Two Happy Homeschoolers: Power Cards