Leaf veins and texture by Martyn Franklin

"Leaf veins and texture" by Martyn Franklin -- a beautiful capture of the texture and detail. This picture has texture, which is shown in the stem and the ridged part of the leaf.

Hostas prefer moist, well-drained soil that's rich in organic matter and has a slightly acidic pH. If you have soil with a lot of clay or sand in it, amend with compost or another form of organic matter.

A Gardener's Guide to Hostas

'June': this selection bears thick golden-yellow foliage with streaky blue-green edges. It also offers a bit of sun tolerance. In fact, with a couple of hours of morning sun, 'June' displays brighter gold leaf centers.

Found the original photo at this site. Still no info but it's a start. I have to find out what this plant is!

A very tropical looking hosta-looking thing. Love it. Most beautiful leaves Ive seen! Want them in my future fantasy garden. Lots of them. From the mouth of various commentors : it is NOT a hosta! Its actually a tropical prayer plant- calathea orbigolia-

Designer Hostas

Hosta Olive Bailey Langdon, has near- white flowers that bloom June to July.

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The Dorothy Benedict Hosta. This ones a stunner!

wow, what a stunning plant {Dorothy Benedict Hosta} Hosta plants do well in shade or sun. Give them room to spread a bit. They are impact plants and make a lovely showing. Edge your garden bed and they look even better.

Hosta 'Zebra Stripes'

Hosta 'Zebra Stripes'

Hosta ‘Whirl Wind’ in full shade. A very beautiful hosta. by luella

Hosta ‘Whirl Wind’ in full shade. A very beautiful hosta. I really like hosta in general.

Fire and Ice Hosta!

Summer: Shade garden 'Fire and Ice' Hosta: The leaves are slightly curled on this mostly white hosta that has green edges. small to medium size that only grows and like other hostas prefers a shaded planting location. Perennial in Zones 3 - 8

Another great find on #zulily! Filigree Hosta Plant #zulilyfinds shade only

Breck’s Filigree Hosta Plant

Perfect for a dark shady garden! White hostas will bring it to life! A white hosta, I never imagined! This Filigree Hosta Plant is perfect!

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini hosta. This is a very beautiful hosta, many shades of white, blue, yellow.  *Sometimes the names are the best ever, like this one.*

Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Hosta - These are good if you are just starting to garden. Can`t kill these & they come back every year. Plant in a shady spot!

Hosta - 'Mito-no-hana'   Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery

Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm and Nursery--Hosta--'Mito-no-hana' - Too pricey for me, but what a lovely hosta Maybe at hosta direct

Hosta 'White Christmas'

Hosta 'White Christmas'

Hosta 'White Christmas': Ivory to pure white leaves with dark green margins, emerges early and grows well in full shade to part sun, mauve flowers in midsummer, x Zones: - Garden Crossings