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Remember bigger classmates grinding down your pencil to nothing or you breaking the lead and making a mess, than taking the cover off to try and pop the lead out so you could finish grinding your pencil to a nice sharp point?

In 1972, the Mr. Coffee brand drip coffee maker was made available for home use by Vincent Marotta. Unlike later models, this original offering with its distinctive yellow and white gingham decal used gravity to immediately pull water through a heating section and allowed to drip freely into carafe below. In 1973, Marotta convinced former baseball player Joe DiMaggio to become an advertising spokesman for the brand.

"Pool Time" in 1955 (photographer unknown)...Oh my gosh....this could so easily be my brother...the toys in the pool, the little guys swimming trunks and of course the 'blow-up' pool.

"Pool Time" - 1955 | Memories: Lost & Found

Clearasil was invented in the United States in 1940 by Ivan Combe with the help of chemist Kedzie Teller. At this time, it was the first dermatological brand created specially for younger skin to fight against pimples (acne). Combe used the popular ABC television show American Bandstand to help promote the product and its superior smell. In 1975, Wolfman Jack signed a contract promoting the product Clearasil Acne Ointment.

Shirt dresses, 1966

1962...The Pageboy hair-do......I had this style for awhile in the early 60s.

Shirley Temple's Storybook started on TV in 1958 showing an anthology of fairytales in play form - it was popular with a lot of the mid age Boomer kid. It lasted until '61. She introduced the stories every week and starred in some of them.

"this is what power lines used to look like..they had the glass insulators"

Coloring Easter eggs in 1965

Evening in Paris Perfume


Noel Neill & George Reeves in Adventures of Superman (1951-58)

1950s mother feeds a baby seated in a high chair while the father dries his hands and smiles at their son and daughter, who are eating at a small table in a kitchen.

Crest Toothpaste: Our Old Friend The Dentist c1965 - 1970 #Vintage Commercial

I had one like this with my dad - Image detail for -boys and girls toys from 1965 in the Sixties including Board Games ...

1959-(via File Photo) on Flickr.

klappersacks, 1959-(via File Photo) on Flickr.
  • Leslie Deering
    Leslie Deering

    ate a whole bottle had to get stomach pumped sure were tasty !

Remember standing on the back of the tricycle? It seems like yesterday...

♥Freebie Vintage Children Images ♥ - Free Pretty Things For You
  • Pammi Pepper
    Pammi Pepper

    No helmet, no knee pads, how did we survive????

An apple for the teacher

Retrogasm, An apple for the teacher

Old MacDonald Had a Farm; a Little Golden Book

Retrogasm — E I E I O

Sugar Crisp

ALKA SELTZER came in a glass bottle in the 60s. RETRO RELIEF!

Morris, the world's most finicky cat, was also called "the Clark Gable of Cats" and in 1983, Time Magazine declared Morris "The Feline Burt Reynolds".

How To Make Your Cat Famous Like Morris and Other Famous Cats