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    Josh and Heather 106 KHQ
    Josh and Heather 106 KHQ

    Josh and Heather 106 KHQ

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    An awkward announcement from Josh this morning; also round 2 of KHQ's $1,000 Throwback Thursday qualifying, a message about a boss dating an employee's friend and Josh & Heather try to come up with male stripper names...

    Vic McCarty joined in today for News Man Name That Tune and helped us with details on the guy that was released from prison to the TC area yesterday. Also a big morning for Throwbacks!!

    Heather took on Pedro in a VERY close Throwback Throwdown this morning, check it out and play next week! Also, Josh reveals his VERY redneck roots.

    Remember that story about Justin Bieber romping around with Brazilian prostitutes? A video was posted to YouTube yesterday and it supposedly shows a prostitute filming Bieber while he was sleeping. Check it out...

    Psychic Tammy Schuster came on the show today to answer questions! Also, the video of the mayor's arrest was released hear about it in today...

    The video of Traverse City Mayor Michael Estes' arrest has been released. Honestly, not much to see. Video was taken from the back up camera.

    More news about the Traverse City Mayor arrest and we just had to bring up more questions this morning. Check out the show. Also, very creepy "Missed Connections!"

    Well, that was almost funny until you scarred these kids for life.

    Was there anything about your man that you HAD to change after you met? Or did he try to change you? Check out what everyone said in today's show!

    Justin Bieber hit by bottle in brazil leave the stage concert São Paulo [FULL HD]

    Tammy Schuster's Halloween special on the news...

    Authors from The Haunted Travels of Michigan were on this morning with some pretty crazy Northern Michigan Ghost stories! Hear REAL VOICES FROM REAL GHOSTS (forward to 15:20 to go directly to that audio). On a less creepy note, Heather battled Alex in today's Throwback Throwdown. The jackpot is up to $900 for next week!!

    A woman in North Dakota is passing this out to the chubby kids tonight. Way to ruin Halloween!

    Psychic Medium Tammy Schuster came on this morning to give advice and have some pre-Halloween fun! Check it out!

    Songs that you never knew were covers! Our minds were blown this morning, hear the songs in today's podcast. Also this morning, if you see a pregnant woman DO NOT TOUCH HER! We heard some crazy stories about people who went stupid when they saw a pregnant woman.

    Did you hear about George Golubovskis? The man who is homeless and running as a “write in” for Traverse City Mayor. Here's a short YouTube video about him...

    Megan is upset her fiance` is having his bachelor party at a strip club. She wants to know if she's being crazy for not wanting him to go. What do you think? Hear what everyone said in today's podcast..

    Hilarious grim reaper prank for Halloween!

    We heard from the lost Backstreet Boy this morning! Also, thoughts on the Traverse City Mayor getting busted for driving drunk, will it mess up his re-election? And who his Homeless Del?

    Woman seeks birth mother in Traverse City...

    Baby LED light suit halloween costume preview

    Did you hear about the outhouse that exploded in Leelanau County? See if you can count how many cheesy jokes we came up with this morning. Also, we heard from Jason who calls online dating "lazy." Is he right?

    Someone, literally, blew up a bathroom in Northern Michigan...

    Illegal activity? Men destroy rock formation in Goblin Valley, Utah