shuriken magnet

Each black set comes with 2 Ninja Shuriken Magnets in a ninja style package. The most impressive weapon that a ninja holds is definitely the mysterious "shuriken". In the early days, delivering secret marks were an important mission for ninja.

electrical pig outlet

Svintus power strip by Art Lebedev Studio. This is awesome, I want one with US plugs!

tape table

Mixtape Table - This coffee table in the form of a cassette tape leaves no room to the Made with walnut (wood reforestation) and acrylic resin that replica in size brings a nostalgic feel to any space.

skull grapes

Deadly Fruit Sculptures

Limited to just five, Black Grapes Of Wrath is Parisian street artist, Ludo’s newest sculpture project. Each of the skulled grapes are laser sculpted, hand sprayed, and come with a signed certificate of authentication.

rubick brain cube

Rubiks Brain Cube - because the normal Rubiks cube just wasn't hard enough

word watch

Qlocktwo W by Biegert & Funk >> What a crazy-unique watch! i know this should go in "My style " but I want to keep it with the clock lol I want one !

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Get yourself wasted in less than 12 parsecs with this geeky Star Wars Millennium Falcon bottle opener. Perfect for any cantina, the Millennium Falcon bottle opener features a metal framed body with a convenient magnet placed on the back of it.

Led Tap

Green LED Faucet Valve night light It’s a. - Green LED Faucet Valve night light “ It’s a standard ¾" brass sillcock, converted into a night light. Turning the valve actually turns on the ¼ watt LED bulb in the hanging drop of “water”.