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L dressed like Ryuk... Yeah like it's so much moe in one picture the world might explode...

Death Note ~~ L as a Shinigami :: He should NEVER Have been killed. He looks really cute as a Shinigami though.


Artist: PANA Title: 【進腐】リヴァエレ漫画 Translated by: Torashii Please support the artist by rating and favouriting his/her art if possible! LOL I can’t


And then you also have Reiner who is concentrating on not cutting his finger. While on the other hand Sasha is just rampaging over meats

Levi x Eren (funny comic)--> Attack on titan// aot, Shingeki no Kyojin// snk

I post Attack on Titan yaoi. If you do not like it, guess what, you DO NOT have to look at it. And for those of you that do like it, Welcome and enjoy!

Kagehina lovechild

I want to believe that he's actually related to Hinata as like a distant relative that he's never met <<me too, I always thought that little giant and Hinata looked alike